The "FCI Cynological Days" in Brussels

Marking the climax and also the culmination of the FCI's centenary celebrations, the "FCI Cynological Days" were held on 11-14 November 2011 in Brussels. Delegates from 35 countries were offered a programme catering for all tastes: a cynological symposium, a high-class "FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions" competition, a gala evening, and, to round things off, a trip to Bruges, the UNESCO World Heritage City, and an open day at the FCI headquarters.

Some 150 people took part in the symposium on "Dog and Man: quo vadis? Knowledge and Prospects”, greatly enjoying the very interesting presentations addressing current issues.

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Hans W. Müller
FCI President

Interview with Hiroshi Kamisato

I suppose it was a nice surprise when you received the invitation for such a special event as the FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions. Did you expect it?

I was quite surprised when Mr Hans Müller contacted me regarding this special Champion of Champion event as I never expected to receive judging invitation from him. I felt it was such a great honour to be able to judge for this special event.

The rules of such a show are somewhat different and it was probably difficult to send away one of the two dogs in front of you during the first rounds, knowing that they were both much nicer than some that came later?
Was there a dog that was voted away by your colleagues in the first rounds that you wanted to be still in?

I think in general all the judges were happy with the final outcome.

Did you follow the judging during the day?

I didn’t see it during the day.

Was the overall quality of the dogs really high as these were all champions?

The breeds I judged were all high quality dogs, and I was quite impressed by their quality, one after another. I truly enjoyed my judging assignments.

Were you happy with the organisation, was the main ring OK and do you have any suggestions or remarks?

It was great to be able to participate in both the symposium and the Champion of Champion events, and such a worthy event to celebrate for the FCI 100 year anniversary. In addition, I thought the show was in good progress most of the time, and noticed that all the exhibitors seem to have enjoyed it.
Thought it would be nice to have more spectators.
However, I truly appreciated the organisation’s effort.

4 dogs were placed at the end, can you give a short impression? (feel free to do this dog by dog or all 4 together).

The final 4 dogs were such high quality, well sound and perfectly excellent condition as presented to us, and there was such a great affinity between the handler and dogs.

The ultimate winner, the Irish Wolfhound, deserves an extra word, can you share your opinion on this one?

Despite of the breed’s big size, this Wolfhound was in such perfect condition without any faults in an anatomical way. It is a credit to the owner who has presented this dog in such great condition. I was truly impressed by just looking at its elegant and smooth movement and appreciated its elegantly beautiful head, long and powerful neck, strong top line with wonderful conformation.
I sincerely congratulate the exhibitor for his successful win for this special event.

How was your general impression on the Cynological days? Should it be repeated more often?

I think it is a truly worthy event for celebrating the 100 year anniversary for the FCI and I do hope that it will continue.
Please do consider to have me again for another Champion and Champion event for 200 year anniversary.

Thank you for your kind co-operation.