The "FCI Cynological Days" in Brussels

Marking the climax and also the culmination of the FCI's centenary celebrations, the "FCI Cynological Days" were held on 11-14 November 2011 in Brussels. Delegates from 35 countries were offered a programme catering for all tastes: a cynological symposium, a high-class "FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions" competition, a gala evening, and, to round things off, a trip to Bruges, the UNESCO World Heritage City, and an open day at the FCI headquarters.

Some 150 people took part in the symposium on "Dog and Man: quo vadis? Knowledge and Prospects”, greatly enjoying the very interesting presentations addressing current issues.

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Hans W. Müller
FCI President

FCI Centenary Press Conference: 2011 has been a great year!
This was the appointment in our diaries... For months we had been preparing the FCI Centenary events and... there we were, feverish at the idea that the next days would be very special and, hopefully, memorable for those who would live them.
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FCI Centenary Canine Symposium: For Dogs Worldwide, definitely!
The first appointment in the FCI Cynological Days calendar was the canine symposium held on November 11th entitled "Dog and Man: Quo vadis? Knowledge and perspectives"
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Brussels concludes the festivities of the FCI Centenary
Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium were the founding countries of the FCI and 100 years later these countries had something to celebrate. Germany had its Dortmund Bundessieger Show combined with an FCI Centenary Winner Dog Show, France was granted the honour to organise the FCI Centenary World Dog Show, the Netherlands the FCI Centenary European Section Show and Austria will organise the World Show in 2012.
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Gala Dinner
On Saturday 12 November 2011, almost 250 people met in the magnificent “Concert Noble” room in Brussels to celebrate the centenary of the FCI.
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Historic visit to the FCI Office
On Monday 14th November, 2011, after the FCI Symposium, the FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions, the Gala Dinner and the visit to Bruges, those who had survived were given the chance to visit the FCI Headquarters!
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Interview with the judges of the final of the FCI Centenary World Champion of Champions

Show schedules
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